M. Zubal, I. Raitarovska


The level of physical development, health, preparation
as a criterion for the implementation of a differentiated, individual
approach to students in the process of physical education is determined
by the current program. However, these criteria are marked by lability,
that is, the change in the characteristics under the influence of various
external factors, and therefore only partially reflect the individual
characteristics of adolescents. On the other hand, indicators are
displayed that reflect the different aspects of human life and for a long
time remain unchanged – genetic markers, one of which is the somatic
type of constitution. Improvement of the physical qualities of boys
during 7–8 years became the object of our study. The basis for increasing
the efficiency of the process of physical preparation were established by
us interconnections between the increment in physical qualities of boys
of different somatotypes from 7 to 8 years. The determination of the
direction of physical load for the development of physical qualities of
boys of different somatotypes at 7–8 years was the goal of our research,
in which we solved the following tasks, namely, the study of the
peculiarities of the interconnections between the annual increment in
the physical qualities of boys of different somatotypes at 7–8 years. The
mentioned researches were cross-objective and used various directions
and number of tests, and longitudinal single studies alone, which
does not contribute to the establishment of regular tendencies and
somatotype-specific peculiarities of the physical qualities’ increment,
the interconnections between such changes of boys at the stage of
7–8 years. All of the above-mentioned determined the choice of the
subject of our research. The results of the experiment, organized by the
longitudinal method, made it possible to draw the following conclusions:
statistical interconnections between physical qualities in the sensitive
period of their development, between these and other qualities under
study differ for boys of different somatotypes by the number, magnitude
and value of the coefficients of pair correlation, which indicates unequal
interdependence of natural development of their physical qualities,
and in practice manifests itself in the form of various variants of the
transfer of the training effect when using the physical loads of a certain

Ключові слова

boys; physical qualities; statistical interconnections; sensitive period; somatotype.

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